Anime Q1 2014

2 episodes in on most of them, I feel like: Why can't I hold all these anime?

All in all 16 shows, 12 new and catching up/ getting into 4 older shows.


  • Buddy Complex. Mecha's. /me shrugs.
  • D-Frag!. Some kind of weird school club. 2 eps in, might drop this.
  • Hamatora. Detective super power anime. Pretty interresting
  • Magical Warfare. Another super power anime, this time magical.
  • Nobunaga: the Fool. Feutal Japan with mechs :D
  • Nobunagun. Spirit of Oda Nobunaga in a modern day, gun crazed, girl
  • Noragami. Some kind of god of pretty things, super powers, girl losing her body and walking around a soul. I dunno.
  • Space Dandy. From the makers of Cowboy Bebop. But so far, not all that speciall imo.
  • Strange+. See the name really.. but they're 3min eps.
  • Witch Craft Works. Bit like High School DxD but with less ecchii/haarem. So far anyway.
  • Wizard Barristers. Another magic anime. dunno yet.
  • Z/X: Ignition. Capturing creatures from another real in cards. Mature-ish Pok√©mon :P


Guess that'll be enough posting for today. it's been a while.